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Lee® is an authentic American denim brand ( starting 1889 ) rooted in a strong work wear heritage. Lee® is famed for having delivered numerous innovations to the denim world. Since creating the first overalls in 1911 Lee® went on to create the iconic Union-All (overalls) in 1913 and can also take credit for inventing zipper-fly jeans as well as the first denim jacket. Over the last 120 years, Lee® has become the symbol of real people around the world, a democratic brand that delivers high quality apparel. Today Lee® offers jeanswear and accessories with a depth of great fits and finishes in ranges for men, women and youth. Lee® products are available in more than 100 countries around the world.

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Jeans til dame:

W24/L31 - W36/L33

Overdeler dame: 

XS - 3XL

Jeans til herre:

W26/L32 - W48/L34

Overdel herre: 

S - 4XL

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